Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What????? How long has it been????

It's not that I ever post anything that will change the course of history.  Those of you who know me know I have a tendency to start things and then they go by the wayside.  (Yes, Mike - you're right).

But, here I am again,.  Nothing earth shattering.  Nothing life changing.  Just me.
Sort of geeky...I like Marvel movies, Star Trek, Stargate, and the occasional Godzilla movie.  I like watching Arrow, Flash, Agents of Shield...you get the idea.

I am a grandma who's in love with her three grands.
Oh and most importantly, I love Jesus. 
I'm married to a very patient, loving and the occasional eyebrow-raising man who works at a local amusement park.
I am a veteran of the U.S.Navy who believes in the Constitution - I understand that puts me on certain lists.  That's ok.  I've been on lists on and off for years. LOL!
And I cross stitch for Pete's sake.   How dangerous can I be?
Oh and dh is a vet too.  2 lists now?
My oldest dd is a vet, married to a geeky guy - also a vet - where do you think I get all my cool info?  She's the mom to those three grands.
My middle dd is married, she's gay ( oh no, another list) and I love her wife.  She's going to be a corrections officer, a cop and maybe work for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife - my dd not her wife.  Though her wife wants to work with kids - now there's a worthy cause.
My son is a hard working young man who also works at said amusement park - they often confuse the two - not sure why since they are both so different.

So, much to the amusement of many, I'm back to blogging.  I talk about lots of things...but this is so very important so pay attention - I don't give out spoilers for TV shows and movies.
Seriously, haven't you been watching a show, recorded it for later, and then someone gets on Facebook or sends out and email and says did you see....how could they have done that to him (or her).
I also post finishes to my cross stitch projects...like the below...the grands can't read yet so I know they won't be looking here...Two girls and a boy...did the pink and purple give it away?  One loves pink and princesses, one loves purple and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and ones loves video games.  They all love Lego (surprise!), baking, and crafts.  TAKE THAT NO GENDER DECEMBER!
 I also belong to a group called Stitch from Stash - using what you have instead of going out and buying more.  I could use some of that help!  I'll be posting how I'm doing on that at the end of every month.
So, there you have it...just me. Politically incorrect.
Just stuff.  And having fun with it all!
Thanks for joining me!
Oh and by the way, I just learned how to share a phone number on my phone through a text message without having to write it down first and then retype it into a text message.  Yeah, I'm real dangerous.


  1. Glad to see you here. For starters I LOVE your blog title. I am also so happy to read many of the things you've shared. Your son and daughters are lucky to have such a caring, understanding, fun mother (and grandmother)!

  2. I love the ornies that you made based on color preferences, very smart!

  3. Wow, I learned so much about you and your family! :) Love the ornaments. Who is the designer/design?

  4. What a great family!
    We are all probably on some kind of list!
    Cute snowmen! Great colors!

  5. Wonderful blog update! way to go on your stitch from stash and the snowmen are adorable! hugs, and happy stitching, Queeny