Friday, February 21, 2014

Cross Stitch Stash...

If you've been reading this, you know that I joined a Stitch from Stash group at the end of last year to help us stitch from our stash instead of going hog wild over buying new patterns and kits.  I've done pretty well - January I spent about $18.  This month $16.  At least $16 so far.  If I buy anything new it goes on next month's.  I really don't have a lot of stash.  I do have a lot of patterns so if I want to work on those, I have to buy floss - I'm not good at figuring out colors from what little I have.
Here's the site if you wish to take a look...the groups is closed but you can certainly read along with what others are doing...she has us all listed including this one.

And if you've been reading this, you know that I have been including my daughter Nikki's blog - she has posted a poem and I must say she has done a beautiful job...

Very little progress has been made on my Woodland Sampler but I'll post a pic anyway  I've added another hedgehog and 1 1/2 leaves.  I'm actually almost done with September now that I look at it.

And that's it from here... nothing profound this week.
Except I really liked The Monuments Men - no matter what the "expert critics" think.
Except I STILL think dragons get a bum rap.  Because I love the Pern books! :-)


  1. Congrats on staying within budget on SFS. I did okay, too. Your sampler is adorable.

  2. The Woodland Sampler looks good. Glad to hear that you stayed within the monthly budget!

  3. I can only admire your willpower. The sampler is coming along great, and yes I enjoyed the early Pern books. I wanted one of those little dragons that Menolly had.

  4. Lovely poem by your daughter. Congrats on staying within the budget but...what did you buy? Your sampler is coming along nicely and looks really cute. Hugs, Christina

  5. Congrats on staying within the stitch from stash goal!
    Every stitch is a stitch for progress. Your sampler is adorable!

  6. Donna your sampler looks great! Nikki's poem is beautiful!

  7. Ma! You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for budget keeping...way to be a baller! Love you!

  8. Great job on your Stitch from Stash budget! Your stitching is so cute! I saw The Monuments Men with my dad and we both enjoyed it immensely!

  9. Hi! Found your blog through Vickie. I love the Woodland Sampler! And I agree with you, Monuments Men was a great movie!!