Friday, February 21, 2014

Cross Stitch Stash...

If you've been reading this, you know that I joined a Stitch from Stash group at the end of last year to help us stitch from our stash instead of going hog wild over buying new patterns and kits.  I've done pretty well - January I spent about $18.  This month $16.  At least $16 so far.  If I buy anything new it goes on next month's.  I really don't have a lot of stash.  I do have a lot of patterns so if I want to work on those, I have to buy floss - I'm not good at figuring out colors from what little I have.
Here's the site if you wish to take a look...the groups is closed but you can certainly read along with what others are doing...she has us all listed including this one.

And if you've been reading this, you know that I have been including my daughter Nikki's blog - she has posted a poem and I must say she has done a beautiful job...

Very little progress has been made on my Woodland Sampler but I'll post a pic anyway  I've added another hedgehog and 1 1/2 leaves.  I'm actually almost done with September now that I look at it.

And that's it from here... nothing profound this week.
Except I really liked The Monuments Men - no matter what the "expert critics" think.
Except I STILL think dragons get a bum rap.  Because I love the Pern books! :-)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day...

You are loved with an EVERLASTING LOVE...
Do you know what that means?  God loves you always.  I find that amazing because there have been so many times I have been un-lovable - very un-lovable.
My Navy parent friend Eric (thank you!) reminded me of the entire verse:

Jeremiah 31:3

New International Version (NIV)
3 The Lord appeared to us in the past,[a] saying:
“I have loved you with an everlasting love;
    I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.

Amazing words from an Amazing God.

So, today, if you feel unloved, remember God's words of Love – there are so many of them in the Bible.
Contact your church, call a friend, post on FB. Don't feel unloved. We will do our best to be here for remind you that you are loved.

And here's an update from my daughter Nikki – she's so wise for one so young ;-) (Star Trek reference here – LOL!)

As for stitching updates, just this one...

I forgot to take a pic of the Valentine's card I made for Shelley but if you'd like to see what it looked like from the original page, it's here...

Stephanie, my other daughter, suggested I make all the cupcakes and use them in a perpetual calendar in the kitchen – good idea sweetie!

That's it from here...

My Hubby-Sweetie is taking me out tonight for dinner and a movie.  We're going to the Fork and Screen at AMC to see The Monuments Men.  He spoils me!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A bit of an update....

Not much of a Super Bowl game, is it?  I'm a Pittsburgh Steeler fan so the game doesn't interest me too much.  Still, it's rather lopsided right now.  So I decided to go online, update my blog, see what's going on in the world of cross stitching, etc.

I do look forward to the Super Bowl commercials though, like many of you.  I've geeked out at the Captain America Winter Soldier and new Transformers (Dinobots!) trailers.  Yeah - I'm an almost 60 year old grandma that just loves that stuff!  And of course, the two Budweiser commercials.  The one welcoming home the soldier from Winter Park, FL really brought on the tears.  It's a subject near and dear to us - Husband Mike and I served in the Navy. The one with the puppy and the Clydesdales.  Yeah.  More tears.

Here is the progress on the Woodland Sampler - finally got July done.
And finally got the rag rug completed.  This one took awhile and I'm glad to have it done.  Next time I will use strips that are not as wide and thinner fabric so I can sew it up on the machine instead of hand sewing it together.  I am glad I made it though - something new - something I had never tried before.
I'm participating in a Stitch from Stash group for this year.  We have a limit of $25 we're allowed to spend each month.  I only spent $8 in January - approximate anyway.  I wrote and told how much it was but now can't remember.  I don't have a lot of stash per se - but a lot of patterns that will need cloth.  The rate I'm going though, I won't have to spend any $ since it's taking so long to finish the sampler.  But, it's a good idea and I'm enjoying participating.
Here's the link if you are interested in the progress we're making.  The group is closed but you might enjoy reading about it. There are 130 participants.

So that's it from here.  Nothing earth shattering in my corner of the world. But there's always tomorrow.