Friday, January 24, 2014

You would think...

with all the information at our fingertips that findings places would be easier.  No.  Navigation by phone, maps online, nothing seems to match.  Phone numbers disconnected.  Next time I'm using my trusty Garmin.  It's never steered me wrong before.  Unless the business closed down and didn't bother to tell anyone, including it's online website.  Very frustrating.

Putting that aside, I've been busy working on my Valentine exchange - and since I haven't sent it yet, I can't show it to you now but will later, along with the website.  It's a free pattern too. ;-)

I'm also working on my Woodland Sampler.  I know I haven't done a lot it seems - you're right really.  I haven't touched it in a week.  I did a lot of work at the doctor's office.  Mostly frogging and re-doing.  I didn't like the way my dandelion puffs were coming out - so I put in a little sparkle using Kreinik thread - much better.  I also did that with the firefly in the June section.

In case you're interested in the sampler, here's the website for it ...

I'm also attempting a rag rug.  I have a lot of fabric strips and so I thought I would put them to good use, besides making a quilt I mean.  It really isn't very hard, just tedious and time consuming.  It's taking longer than I thought it would but I think the outcome will be nice.  As you can see, my son Michael's cat Kortana is perfectly happy the way it is. 
Finally, I would like to introduce to my middle daughter Nikki's blog.  No matter where you stand on issues,  including time travel, you have to admire her bravery.  I do.  Please take a moment to read it.


  1. What a cute kitty and he appears to love your rug! Your stitching looks great!

  2. Loving the rug! Keep plugging away at your sampler, it looks great!

  3. I just read your daughter's blog and it was wonderful! Tell her to keep up the good work. I left a comment on her blog as well. My mom used to make rag rugs and with all hardwood floors, I've been debating on trying that myself. Cute kitty. Beautiful stitching.

  4. Woodland sampler is adorable.

  5. Wonderful work on your sampler!
    Love your sons kitty!

  6. Nice stitching and I love your cat.