Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Stitch from Stash

Reporting in...
$5.00 spent
  0.00 earned.
That's ok though.

Here are a few of my projects.  The first two are from a SAL...

And this is my progress on the Spring House by Brooke Nolan

On another note, since this blog is not just about cross stitching, I'd like to comment on consequences.  Many people these days do not think about the consequences of their actions - either short term, or long.  They only think of how they are feeling or what they want/do not want.  They don't stop to consider how many people are truly affected by one's decisons.
I'm not talking about the candy bar that you buy at the checkout at the supermarket.  I'm talking lasting decisions, consequences that will affect people for months or years to come.  And how many people it will affect in the long run.
We have enough trouble with government officials who make decisions that affect millions daily without REALLY thinking about how it's going to affect Joe Citizen. 
Make a conscious effort today to really consider the ripples you'll create when you make a decision.  Not just how it will affect you or what you can get out of it.


  1. Well done on your SFS!
    Agree with you and your comments.

  2. Your months look great and good job on only spending $5!

    I so agree with your commentary - these days people only think of what their decision will do to them and not those around them. People should stop and give major things a second thought before they act.

  3. Donna, I really needed to hear this! Thank you for being so open! I am going to pray about the decisions I make and remember to take things 'one day at a time'. hugs, and happy stitching, queeny

  4. Great job on SFS. Don't those two finishes count toward earnings?

  5. Your SFS is very nice! Good job! Your comments are awesome! So many people do things without thinking of the consequences. And they especially don't think of the effects their decisions will have on others. Spot on!

  6. I love your stitching progress! Looks great as well.

    I completely agree with you on consequences ans how/if they effect you fellow man. I personally believe the current Administration is as corrupt as they come. I don't know if this nation will survive its tyranny going on right now. Jack put it perfect. We get the leaders (government) that we deserve. If we don't rely on God as a Nation, why do we expect the Government to rely on God to help the Nation run smoothly?

  7. Cute smalls and I agree to many people are short sighted and distance themselves from ramifications of their decisions.