Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year.... new resolutions?

I don't know about you, but I've made my share of New Year's Resolutions...mostly dealing with my weight and all-round physical condition.  I was actually doing fairly well before Christmas, but back slid...well, more like jumped from a now I'm starting again.  I joined a close knit group on Facebook of old friends (and new) so we'll see how I do this time.  And I'd like to keep it this way...not just so I can fit into some summer clothes but to just be as fit as I can for"middle age" body.

And of course, working on that Stitch from Stash. I realize it's only the 5th but I haven't bought any new kits or patterns.  I've actually got one finish.  Not too bad for it being the 5th of January.
This is for Aiden.  A birth announcement - only 6 years in the making.  :-D

There are other things I'm working on.  More personal things.  The most important ones. My relationship with Jesus being number one.  Michael being number two.  Joining a small group at church.

And not getting angry all the time when I see stupid stuff happening or people obviously being stupid or ignorant.  Because there's not a lot I can do in most of these cases.  But...I'll give out more hugs.  Shut up when I want to say something that I probably shouldn't.  Be kinder. More understanding. 

But, I draw the line at eye-rolling.  Sorry - its just a part of me.

All this change?  It takes time.  I'll try not to be too hard on myself with setbacks.

And I don't promise that I won't mention some of the "stupid stuff'" I see or hear on this blog.
Because I AM politically incorrect after all.


  1. Oh, i love your framing! Cute announcement!
    Cheering you on to meet your goals!

  2. Donna, you couldn't have said it better...especially the part about finding that personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He IS the key to all happiness, forgiveness, and strength. We just have to allow Him to do His work! hugs, and happy stitching, Queeny

  3. LOVE the announcement! I say all the time that I am going to do one for my grandson (now 9) but I always think it is to late!

    Good luck with your goals; they are very important ones and I am with you on the eye-rolling.

  4. Cute finish!!! That announcement is cute! Best of luck on the goals for this year!!!

  5. Good lick with you goals. Stitching looks great!

  6. wishing you the best on your new years resolutions and achieving a new and improved, on the other hand, have come to the sobering realization that the best of me was achieved about 15 years ago and never to be see or heard from again. I my only hope is to not assault anyone this year, not that I have ever, but it keeps getting harder and harder not.