Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Here are pictures of the fabric I promised yesterday - my apologies for being late with these...
These four fat quarters are $1 only one per color.
 These four are also $1 each but there are two per color.
 These fat quarters are $.75 - a bit less in quality that the first two pictures.

This is a container 9"x7"x6" full of these - part of a ufo ;-)  I'm asking $2.50 (does not include container)
 This container (same size as above) is full of 2"x 2" squares - $2 - does not include container.
 This is a box of Christmas fabric and Christmas panels - $10 for all.
I do have more fabric - in fact, a lot more.  Too much to picture.  So, I will be selling the fabric by the pound in multiple colors $2 per pound.  I will try to select something that interests you if you have a preference.
Please remember that all monies from this goes to the Walk to End Altzheimer's except for postage if needed.
If you have any questions, please contact me at my email addy.  Those of you who attend church with me, I will gladly bring all of it to church so you can see it.
Thank you for considering helping us out.

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